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Special feature on and for Uttarakhand woman. Just explore, find out, learn and share various things, through online polls, discussions, articles, recipes, matrimonial, movements, special columns and lots more....

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Season's exclusive! Wander high and breathe the nature. Exclusive and exciting Himalayan adventure in Diary. Bringing you
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Women of Garhwal

Role of Women in the hills has undergone many changes in the hills; Some of the important reasons are - Male migration, poor agriculture, illiteracy, gender based roles, shrinking natural resource base, outside interventions like Voluntary agencies and Panchayati Raj Act. Following collection represents some of these changing faces from old days to present times.

Gaura Devi, the Uttarakhand Chipko movement heroine

Gaura Devi (1925-91)
Forest is like our mother's home. We will defend it - come what may." After Gandhi's Satyagrah, this housewife, born in Lata village in Chamoli, gave he next weapon, in the fight against state oppression - Chipko movement. Women's natural environment, which provides, fuel, fodder & water is under tremendous stress. Chipko literally means to hug a tree and die with it, if need be ! A long series of forest movements over last two centuries in Himalayas have been an assertion of usufructuous rights of the community to the forest. The State has tried to curtail it ever since the Raj days. The battle is on..

Devika Chauhan from Jaunsar hills, the first woman as Block Development Officer

Devika Chauhan was the first girl to graduate from Jaunsar hills in 1954. She, again was the first woman to become a Block Development Officer in the entire state of Uttar Pradesh. She later rose to the level of Asst. Director - tribal welfare. Played an important part in the survey of tribal communities in the UP hills and securing privileges from Government for them. Retired but comitted to women's cause, She is still working with voluntary agencies in Jaunsar Bawar. Currently lives in Dehradun with a number of children.
Her Biography

Bachendri Pal and Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters
Bhagirathi Seven Sisters adventure club represents a new breed of Garhwali women. Bachhendri Pal of this club, climbed Everest in 1984. Nine years later, she led an all women team to the same peak successfully. Women in the hills have always climbed steep cliffs and trees in search of fodder; Only now, they are proving, that they are no less than men, where technical skills and physical stamina are of vital importance.

Brave Women of Khirakot

Brave Women of Khirakot
A group of women faught against power & pelf of an industrialist, to save their fields and forest from mining near Almora. In 1982, government withdrew mining license and closed this mine forever. Their success inspired similar movements in neighboring Pithoragarh & Siroli. Many such movements have proved one thing: communities, particularly women have more committment to care for their natural resources than government.


Tilaka Devi

Tilaka Devi
Tilaka was the kind and obedient daughter of a farmer in Yamuna valley - 400 yrs ago. On the eve of her marriage her six brothers died. She too disappeared mysteriously. Then, her father realised that he had forgotten to keep his promise to the goddess made years ago, even before Tilaka's birth. The goddess herself had condescended to be born as his daughter. Tilaka, has been loved and worshipped as a goddess since then. Many of the goddesses & gods have human origin & temperament. They accompany the bride to the village where she is married, to protect her. They join villagers in celebrations & fights..
(Jaunpur ke lokdevta - Surendra Pundeer)

Icchagiri Mai alias Tinchari Mai

Ichhagiri Mai alias Tinchari Mai (1912-92)
"Comissioner, send me to prison; I have burnt the liquor shop down. And I won't stop with this one..." The woman avenger - against liquor in Pauri Garhwal in 70-80s. Government earns considerable revenue by licensing country liquor shops in the hills. For men it is a cheap way of escapism. Finally it is women who have to pay the price in terms of violence, abuse and no money to run the household. Tinchari Mai was an illetrate sanyasini (nun).

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