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Uttarakhandis in Hindi Cinema

Interview of Film-maker Tigmanshu Dhulia

Hindi Film Industry the world of glamour and famine is also full of struggle of the thousands who dream to be a part of this world, only a few find success.

Tigmanshu Dhulia

Some of the stans soaring high in this industry are from Uttarakahnd. One of these is the famous journalist and freedom fighter Bhairav Dutta Dhulia’s grandson Tigmanshu Dhulia. Tigmanshu’s and maiden movie Haasil has already won recognition reward everywhere. He is currently busy with his second film, Charas
Here are a few excerpts from an interview with Tigmanshu Dhulia.

Interviewer: Did you expect to win so many rewards for your very first movie?
Dhulia: No, I did not expect so much recognition, but I knew that whatever I had done was good. I had faith in it.

I: What is your opinion on a new state called Uttarakhand being created?
D: I am happy, but also apprehensive. As it’s a new state altogether, people have to be sure of not being led astray. We have to make sure there are neither conflicts because of communalism and casterism nor does the reins of the state fall wrong hands.

I: what do you like best about Uttarakhand?
D: this is a very difficult question, as I like everything about it. We can’t devastate anything. But ya, I like it’s earth and the culture which is fall of love about all, I love it’s people, as they are full of honesty, patriotism and simplicity.

I: what places do you profen in Uttranchal?
D: ( Laughing) though I have not visited to many places in Uttarakhand, I like Lasidon, Jehrikhaal and kasauni.

I: what is your opinion on the movies of Uttarakhand?
D: I saw a Garhwali movie called “JAGWAL” which had a nice concept, but it lacked experience, along with other things. There are also hindi movies dubbed into Garhwali so I feel that the industry there should be developed coming out with atleast 2-3 movies every year. I would be extremely happy if some day Uttarakhandi movies represent Indian cinema on as international platform.

I: what impresses you most about the famous journalist and freedom fighter Bhairav dutt Dhulia?
D: he was a great man and I have learnt a lot from him. Never to fear struggle is one thingthat I have learnt from him. He saw a lot of hardships in his life, but he never backed out, nor did he ever compromise. If he wanted, he could have earned a lot of money by siding with a few people, but he always wanted fame. I have always been impressed with this ideology of his and I try to follow it thus I try not to do anything bad, though there to a lot of negative ways to cash money.

I: what do you think about using Uttarakhand as a location in movies?
D: Uttarakhand envelops within itself a lot of beauty, which makes our existence and identity. The hills, lakes, rivers, greenery and the snow in winters here add to its beauty.

I: How do you feel when your movies are shown in Uttarakhand?
D: I am overjoyed, especially when the people of my land praise my work.

I: its has become a tradition to change names when people enter the film industry. Why didn’t you ever to choose to do the same?
D: I can never think about it, let alone doing it. A lot of astrologers have told me that if I remove ‘Dhulia’ from my name, my fame will increase but I never bothered.

I: any Uttarakhandi song that you like?
D: Vedupako Baromasa and Dhibra herchi geni Mera.

I:favourite Uttarakhandi food?
D: Bhang Ki Chatni & Chensu

I: if given an opportunity what would you kike to do about Uttarnchal?
D: I don’t need an opportunity. I just do things, and I show it when they are done the first thing if want to do is to make a movies for Uttarakhand I want to do something on an international level, so that Indians as well as whole world reaches it’s beauty. I am trying my best to do this. The fact that a major past of the Indian army belongs to Uttarakhand makes me happy. I am proud of the Garhwal rifle, himalaya is our we have to make sure of its safety all my regards to my brothers in the Indian army.

I: any upcoming films?
D: yes, I am making two films. One is the Murder of a porn filmmaker, which is being made for film festivals. The other is Dharti, which is a big film and a lot of work is going on for that.

I: any message for Uttarakhandi people?
D: work with dedication and honesty, and never fear struggle. Try and establish the name o Uttarakhand not only nationally, but also internationally. Do try and develop the state but don’t harm the beauty of the place by getting more factories in the beauty of the place should not be destroyed because of factories. This beauty forms our existence. I: would you like to enter politics?
D: yes of course.

(Now a days Tigmanshu is busy with five big banner Moves like Yashraj films from Yash Chopra Producation, UTV and many more)
Interview by Rajneesh Agnihotri
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