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Uttarakhand Worldwide Member : Sumit Purohit

Sumit : So i am the one who will get disected first....chalo main ready hoin with my seat belts on... ready for the ride come on phela sawal 1000rs ke liye. Facts about me Name: Sumit Purohit DOB: 9th oct, 1983 Sex: Male Height: 5'7 Place of Birth: srinagar Garhwal, uttarancahl Education qualification: Gradute in Art history and aesthetic from faculty of fine arts, MSU, Baroda Father: Dr. K. D. Purohit. He is a prof. in physics at HNB garhwal university Mother: Dr. Indu Purohit. She is also a teacher. Right now trains government teachers. I have a younger sister who is doing her post gradution from MSU in food and nutrition. Right now i am in mumbai trying to work on my carrier in Film as director. Sumit :Ok Sumit...what else? Fav color? Fav food? Fav book...etc etc... Manu :Aur Bhai Film Line main ho to ye bhi batate jana Favorite Director Fav Actor Fav Actress Fav Movie Fav Song Sam :Your dreams and then we will write how we see you as a person BC Joshi : - Your political inclination (Please Name a pol party and do not plead neutral) - Your ideological inclination - Your affiliation to any socio/polit/any other organisation - Something (close to your heart) that you breath - Someone you love most - someone you hate most - Your fav place / city in India & abroad - Your most cherished dream - Your best friend on whom you can rely - Describe yourself in one word - How do you rate material success - Choose one from money and relationship - Name 5 persons from UWW whom you would like to meet and why? - If you were not in Film ind (Creative art) where you would have been? - where do you see yourself after 10 years? - Would you continue with UWW if you acquire fame at par Subhash Ghai? Mahavir Singh :AAp sabhi ne to Sumit ji par Questions ki bhuchaar kar di hai.. Mere puchne layak koee question hi nahi raha.... Sumit :Fav color- Orange Fav food- tandori chicken, regional foods Fav book- Wings of fire by APJ Abdul kalam, Sholay-Making of a classic by anupama Chopra Your political inclination BJP Your ideological inclination APJ abdul kalam, A V Vajapayi, Sardar patel, Amitabh bachchan Your affiliation to any socio/polit/any other organization Right now with non Something (close to your heart) that you breathe I didn’t really understand the question. Anyway I have always believed that that world is not still that bad as we think. And whatever happens, happens for good. Someone you love most My family and she is my family now too Someone you hate most Myself at times. Your fav place / city in India & abroad- Mumbai as a city. There are many other places too in India which I love. Mostly places which make me feel close to nature. Have not been abroad but will love to visit Egypt and African forests Your most cherished dream To be able to bring smiles on faces which have lost it. i hope to do that with my films and then by direct contact with people. Your best friend on whom you can rely My parents. Never had a close friend Describe yourself in one word- Optimistic How do you rate material success- Important to some extend Choose one from money and relationship Relationship. What am I suppose to do with money without relationship. Whom will i spend it on? Name 5 persons from UWW whom you would like to meet and why?- Just five. Come on. I am very selfish. would meet everyone bcoz i know i can learne something from all of of them (Have met arti and hopefully will meet akshara soon) If you were not in Film ind (Creative art) where you would have been? May be a software engineer or a social worker. Don’t know where do you see yourself after 10 years? Right here replying to your mail but from my laptop sitting on some location in Uttarakhand shooting my period film. Would you continue with UWW if you acquire fame at par Subhash Ghai? I would be fool if i would not continue with UWW coz u should never forget where u come from. (Anyways I don’t wamma be Subhash Gahi hahaha) Favorite Director- Hrishikesh Mukerjee,rajkumar santosi Fav Actor-will play it safe. Amitabh bachchan Fav Actress-noone in particular .recenty liked ayesha takia in Socha na tha Fav Movie-American Beauty,closeup(Iranian film),Dancer in the Dark, Jaane Bi Do Yaaro,most Hrishikesh Muhkerjee films.list may go on Fav Song-Many.right now bawara man mera Fav Music-These days listening to oldwestern rock.Instrumental,folk n classical music from allover the world. give me Kishore Kumar any day. Sufi music Vipin Panwar :OK Sumit dada kuch pooch raha hun maon bhi srinagar main raha kis year main aapne education li (Srinagar se) Do you Knoe "Veeru Panwar" Second Quest: Your Fav. Past Time: Arti Dani :sumit, is one of the most simple guy that i ve met in my life... simple as in ,, in terms of everythinhg,, the way he dresses himself, most of d time in kurta n jeans or simple t shirts,, way way he talks,,way he smiles,, d way he complains,, the way he shouts at u( i start smiling whenever he shouts at me)though his films r pretty complicated ,, i mean u need mind to understand theri real meaning ( isiliye mere palle kuch nahin baithta).mind u guys,, this guy is gonna be a grt film maker one day,,par mujhe toh khair bhool hi jayega jab heroines iske ghar ke chakkar lagayegi toh,, khair jaane do... sumit, is very much like me,, still so different from me,, gussa bilkul nahin aata hai ,, doosro ki galti maaf kar deta hai , aur for good zyada gair ladkiyon se drame nahi karta ........ lets go back to his talent,,,, i ve seen some of his films,, n god they are amazing,, ek do documentary are very very very interesting,,,,, how i wish u all cud have seen his films,,, insha allah sumit ki aanewaali films toh duniya dekhegi,, par yeh joh sumit ne apne college years mein banayi,, woh no experience ke baavjud bhi bahut interesting hain,,, he has told me fwe of his ideas,,, main thoda bahut (though mujhe zyada chance nahin milta,,he is almost a perfectionist),,criticize karti hoon,, ( golden chances are not to be left ),, taarif bahut kam krti hoon ( almost never ) but i still love all his films,,, aur sumit is like me a traveller,, he has been to some of the most beautiful places in inida,,,,n i hate it i hate it,, mujhe jalan hoti hain,, meri tan badan mein aag lag jati hai,, par woh phir bhi mujhe dikhata hain,, but i like it,, simple becoz woh har achi jagah dekh kar bolta hai,, ill take u here .... well, ab main sumit ki personal life ke baare mein kya baataon,, yeh star( i m suppose to be a star) apni private life private life hi rakhna chahta hai,, but dnt worry guys, main bhi media waali hoo,, khabar faila doogi well,,, wat subhash ghai, , im sure sumit will get oscar one day,, he cooks well,, though usne mujhe apne haath se bana hua khana kabhi khilaya nahin,, but he syas ( i dnt believe him ) that he cooks well..... to be conti........... Ranjan Joshi :Sumit, I’ll always remain your big time fan…whether you turn out to be a Subhash Ghai or a QT…so always expect me in the first day first show screenings of all your movies! Aarti, consider yourself one of the luckiest girl in the world, coz you have someone like sumit in your life. I once said about him that he is the senior DCG and in many ways my guru too, but he is much much more than that….for me he is the Mr. Right of this board! ….i admire his passion for movies,his focus,his straight forwardness, his professionalism….but most importantly i admire the dreamer sumit and his romantic heart! ... i could already see the changes he brings in people around him… …aarti, remember,once due to oversight you impulsively labelled a certain guy of this board as Mr. Right …accha hua, that you said that in jest …kyonki that Mr. Right has gone horribly wrong…these days hez into cross dressing, pole dancing, edible undies, BDSM… Jokes apart, whenever I’m in Bombay (my first trip could be in a few months from now)…I’ll always be looking forward to meet both of you at Mondy’s. ...and to put in sumit’s words, that will be for my own selfish pleasure… Cheerio…. BC Joshi :Yes Praveen Kothari :well...imho, i think dcg hit it right on the head when he wrote about sumit's personality. i may have had some heated discussions with him, but at the bottom of my heart there's nothing but admiration for this bloke. hope he never changes...whatever life may throw at him. bcj, why did u'r soldiers reduce so drastically with every move and leave u all alone at the end? Santosh Gairola :Sumit is a good person! BC Joshi :Quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- bcj, why did u'r soldiers reduce so drastically with every move and leave u all alone at the end? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dude, This conforms to the 'survival of the fittest' theory; the 'choosen one'. Sumit :i am speechless...i don't know what to right...can't even thx u people bcoz that would be too formal. Right now i don't have words to express myself but i will just give me time to come out of what i am feeling right now... love u all....may god bless u (arti tum milo...badh mein dehktha hoin tum ko... ...ranjan bhai we really really need to meet...i am not that right...trust me...and may be i am the luckiest person on earth and not she) Nilesh Rana :Good response and answers by you Sumit. So many amazing and inspiring things about you. Just one unsolicited say, -never let your spirit down anytime in life and keep your bubbly-child alive forever-. Keep it up! Glad to learn you have shown commitment to UWW at the same time. Regards. Sumit :i have not slept form last two days as was busy with the postproduction of the film i assisted on it. But after reading what u all have written about me i am again full of energy and ready to fire, feeling fresh. Nilesh bhai babli was is always alive, full of energy and I will keep bunty inside me alive forever. and arti come on yaar...am i simple?...I am one of the most stylist guys around wearing some of the most trendy tshirts with strange things written on them and kutras on jeans looks amazing...and u also know how bad anger i have...don't u? and please arti I am a bad cook...though u will like anything i cook...hahahaha...hota hai...but still i can cook...kam chal jata hai...and i should know how to cook bcoz i don't wanna take risk for future Dude bhai hope we meet soon when u come to India...it is always fun arguing with u...we will do it face to face...on a cup of tea at my place...and i am really waiting for life to throw hard on me...that's when life is fun...and with people like u around i am always gonna catch it...may god bless u. Ranjan bhai i am still speechless for whatever u have written...u get the first pass of my film whenever i make it, u will be among important guests...and i really really wanna meet u... Sam :Anyway, Here is about Sumit. He is one of the young guy who has impressed me and I think he will go on top in whichever field he joins like Arti. Debating with him is very pleasing as it seems like some sort of discussion and not debate, so no hardfeelings. I am glad to see our youngsters like Sumit who have so much respect for elders. I wish to see all of his movies if I get a chance. And oh yes I would love to meet Sumit in person. BC Joshi :Quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BCJ u ask so many question but u should also give marks or review the answers given then only it would be fun...tell us by answers how do u sketch the personality -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sumit dear, From the answers to all these questions, one can make a sketch of the person and so did I but i am not competent enough to pass a verdict or be conclusive. As you have asked for it (We owe it as you have answered all these questions) I have no hesitation in furnishing a satellite image. Please refute the deviations. Sumit you are: - A young (22+) vibrant and talented (Already some excellent creative work to his credit) guy. - Commendable zeal to work hard (Not slept for nights together to meet the deadline & succeed in life. - Sometime treading beyond the line dividing workaholic but usually a fun loving man. - - Determined to become a self made man by treading to unknown path / profession, very different from the family / parents profession. - A foodie who do not hesitate in experimenting different kind of food. - Highly ambitious and believer of “To turn your dreams into reality, first you need to dream”. - A nationalist by ideology - Loves a girl from the bottom of his heart (Who? No… One should speak for himself) - An eternal nomad by nature, loving seeing new places. - A person very sensitive, would love to help anyone, if he can - A perfectionist who often have problems with the things done by others because these are not to his satisfaction. - Good at swallowing anger but do not hesitate in telling what he intends to. Anoop nautiyal :Frist things first..... Sorry Sumit ... i think iam a little late ... but that's normal for work according to IST u see, Indian Streatchable Time. Well most of the things i know about u were from (u know whom).. moreover this section has enhanced my knowledge a lot.... No questions for you though...but would surely like to watch a few of your projects...my schedule is a very tight these days and it is not possible for me to come to mumbai... though aarti has invited me a few times now... but will surely come some day.... would i be very demanding if i request you to courier me some of your projects ??? ........ Ab RANA SAAB...... Bheji aap se bas ek hi baat poochi hai...... aapmein aisa kya hai jo saari kudiya aapki fan ho jaati hain. ....chhote bhaion ko bhi kuch shiksha do.... Sumit Purohit:BCJ I am just 21+ But u r good sir... But I am kind of complicate person...very difficult at times...very unpredictable. And people can find me difficult to handle at times and irritating. As u said “I am A perfectionist who often have problems with the things done by others because these are not to his satisfaction” try to read more in that…that’s my I can be very irritating at times…bcoz most people would not understand how I want things to be done. I don’t really know whether I am sensitive or not. People who know me don’t find that. I am too practical. And it’s my mind and not heart that takes decision. And I have bad temper, at times very rude. And ya I do say things directly to people who r close to me and for whom I care rather keeping it in my heart or say it behind their back though people would not usually like it bcoz we all want to hear good things…but y don’t they understand that it’s better to be direct rather then indirect especially when u care for someone. Anoop I will try if I can send u the CDs…and if u know me from her then u must be knowing just good things about me (it’s coz she is nice and not me)…but I am not that simple and nice guy Arti Dani:since today is sunday, n last day to write about sumit,, here i go....... noooooooooooo, sumit is definately not complicated,,, no ways,, n no he dsnt get angry too soon,,, but yes when he gets ,, ram bachaye,,, he shouts a lot,, but if u actually hear him,, then u realise he is not shouting,, he is only being critical to you, becoz thats only gonna help u in some way,, n mind u if u dnt react while he is shouting at u, then u r gone....n no sumit u r toooooo simple to be stylish,, well,, u may be stylish but u defientaly dnt belong to " i m so cool " kinda guys,,, for good... its only after meeting sumit did i realise ,someone can be more passionate about his or her profession than a maniac like me, i m not half as ambititious as him,,, sumit can read u,,ur face,,, he can read ur expression, ur voice,, ,,, well he is doing good in his profession, but is still tink he could do much better,, had i been in his place, i wud have already strted assisting some talented n known directors,, though he has his own reason for workin with lesser known directors...... my chemistry with sumit is strange,, whenver we are together we hardly talk about each other,, we r always arguing whether bunty n babli is a hit or flop, whthere mangal pandey will run or not,,, whether by doing stories on dawood, media is making him a hero unnecessary, or we are creating awareness or simple doing our duty,,whether mahesh bhatt films makes sense or not, n every damn thing about d world,,, but its good i m happy to have sumit as my friend.... finally he became my friend Sumit Purohit:It's not chemistry between us it's me who is strange...may be i am too selfish to talk about u and me and therefore i talk about only professional things...bcoz i am too passionate about my ambition and that's what i want...to be a director...right? and i have no great reason to work with small directors then talented one bcoz i am not myself talented that they will take me trust me when i am shouting i am just shouthing and angry...nothing more...i don't wanna be critical about people...everyone has his or her way... And ya i don't belong to "i am cool" kind of category...bcoz i hate all artificial things...and people who keep shouting and proving "i am cool"...are most artificial to me... Chalo finally it's Monday...i have heard so much good about me in last week...that i don't really know that was it really me people were talking about or someone else...bcoz i still believe i am not that way, that nice... bcoz people who have really met me...or around me...will tell u if they r true that how iritating i am at time... anyways i am just too lucky tht all of u talked so good about me...but at the end of it it's me who have to decode what i am in real...and not get over confident after hearing all this...thx guys I will post song which would best describe me or one i love most...as i said it's me who has to finally decide what am i... I AM ON JOURNEY Musafir Hoon Yaaron Na Ghar Hai Na Tikhana Mujhe Chalte Jaana Hai Bas Chalte Jaana Ek Raah Rukh Gayi Tho Aur Judh Gayi Main Mura Tho Saath Saath Raha Murgayi Hawaon Ke Paron Par Mera Ashiana Musafir Hoon Yaaron Na Ghar Hai Na Tikhana Mujhe Chalte Jaana Hai Bas Chalte Jaana Din Ne Haath Thaam Kar Idhar Bithaliya Raat Ne Ishaare Se Udhar Bulahliya Subah se Shaam Se Mera Dostana Musafir Hoon Yaaron Na Ghar Hai Na Tikhana Mujhe Chalte Jaana Hai Bas Chalte Jaana Musafir Hoon Yaaron Na Ghar Hai Na Tikhana Mujhe Chalte Jaana Hai Bas Chalte Jaana I AM SMALL TOWN SELFISH BOY (LIKE BUNTY IN BUNTY AND BABLI) IN THIS BIG BAD CITY...JUST WITH DREAM chote chote shehro se khali bore dopehro se hum to jhola uthake chale barish kam kam lagti hain nadiya madham lagti hain hum samundar ke andar chale hum chale hum chale oye ramchang re dharak dharak dhua udaye re oh jara rasta to do thoda sa badal chakhna hain bada bada koyal se naam phalak pe likhna hain chand se hokar sadak jati hain usi pe apna maka hoga FUN AND ENJOYMENT OF LIFE TO ME IS IN SHARING AND NOT IN ARTIFICIAL THINGS WHICH GIVE MOMENTRY HAPPINESS Kisiki muskuraahaton pe ho nisaar Kisika dard mil sake to le udhaar Kisike waaste ho tere dil mein pyaar Jeena issi ka naam hai Maana apni jeb se fakeer hain Phir bhi yaaron dil ke ham ameer hain Mitte jo pyaar ke liye woh zindagi Jale bahaar ke liye woh zindagi Kisi ko ho na ho hamein to aitbaar Jeena issi kaa naam hai Rishta dil se dil ke aitbaar ka Zinda hai hameen se naam pyaar ka Ke mar ke bhi kisi ko yaad aayenge Kisi ke aansuon mein muskuraayenge Kahega phool har kali se baar baar Jeena issi kaa naam hai Kisiki muskuraahaton pe ho nisaar ME SONG I JUST LOVE...AMAZING...THAT HOW LIFE IS Manzilo Pe Aa Ke Lootate Hai Dilon Ke Caaravaan Kashtiya Saahil Pe Aksar Doobati Hai Pyaar Ki Manzile Apni Jagah Hai Raaste Apni Jagah Jab Kadam Hi Saath Naa De To Musaafir Kyaa Kare Yoon To Hai Humdard Bhi Aur Humsafar Bhi Hai Meraa Badh Ke Koyi Haath Naa De Dil Bhalaa Fir Kyaa Kare Manzile Apni Jagah Hai Raaste Apni Jagah A REQUEST AT THE END Honton se chhoo lo tum Mera geet amar kar do Ban jaao meet mere Meri preet amar kar do Honton se chhoo lo tum Mera geet amar kar do Na umr ki seema ho Na janm ka ho bandhan Jab pyaar kare koi To dekhe keval mann Nayi reet chalaakar tum Yeh reet amar kar do Aakaash ka soonapan Mere tanha mann mein Paayal chhankaati tum Aa jaao jeevan mein Saansein dekar apni Sangeet amar kar do Sangeet amar kar do Mera geet amar kar do Jag ne chheena mujhse Mujhe jo bhi laga pyaara Sab jeeta kiye mujhse Main har dam hi haara Tum haarke dil apna Meri jeet amar kar do Honton se chhoo lo tum Mera geet amar kar do Mahavir Singh:This song is for you sumit............ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tere jaisa yaar kahan Kahan aisa yaarana Yaad karegi duniya Tera mera afsana Tere jaisa yaar kahan Kahan aisa yaarana Yaad karegi duniya Tera mera afsana Meri zindagi sawaari Mujhko gale lagake Baitha diya falak pe Mujhe khaat se oothake Meri zindagi sawaari Mujhko gale lagake Baitha diya falak pe Mujhe khaat se oothake Yaara teri yaari ko Maine to khuda mana Yaad karegi duniya Tera mera afsana Mere dil ki yeh dua hai Kabhi door tu na jaaye Tere bina ho jeena Woh din kabhi na aaye Mere dil ki yeh dua hai Kabhi door tu na jaaye Tere bina ho jeena Woh din kabhi na aaye Tere sung jeena yahan Tere sung mar jaana Yaad karegi duniya Tera mera afsana Tere jaisa yaar kahan Kahan aisa yaarana Yaad karegi duniya Tera mera afsana Deepa Rana :Sumit I dnt knw u dt closely......bt as far as our short tlks nd reltnshp is concernd..... .d only thing that woz alwyz reflectd woz the love nd kindness.......Sumit u seem 2 b a vry kind nd lovly guy nd ur a vry friendly 2 evry1..... Hez lyk a BIG B 2 me, actly 2nd BIG B afta SAM BHAI. A big up 2 u both........ nd Sumit......gud luck in wateva u do! I hope u get wateva u wnt 2 achieve in life nd m sure it will..... take care