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Narendra Singh Negi Interview
By Sachidanand Semwal

Narendra Singh Negi Narendra Singh Negi

Q. Negiji, you are the one of the pioneers and most famous singer of Uttarakhand who have sung numerous songs related to almost all social and cultural aspects of Uttarakhand and have spread the culture of Uttarakhand through your songs. Do you believe that the new generation of singers would continue to make efforts towards preserving our cultural identity and traditions in this century of fast and hip-hop music.

Ans. Yes, I believe that they would continue to flourish our culture and I am pleased to see that many of the new singer are making sincere efforts to rekindle the aroma of the Folk Music and traditions of Uttarakhand through their songs. However, if they fail to do so, I would take it as a personal defeat being one of the pioneers in the development of our Music. When a child makes a mistake his parents are equally held responsible because of their inability to inculcate good habits and manners in their children.

Q. Do you believe that through the Cultural Programmes and Musical Confluence we can unite the culture of Garhwal and Kumaon? What role do you think Music can play in filling this cultural gap?

Ans. Kumaon and Garhwal were divided basically because of the ancient Rajas who have administrative control over the two divisions of Uttarakhand and now the issue of difference between Kumaon-Garhwal is nothing but a political conspiracy. However, I personally feel this tactic yields little results for such politicians who still try to cash upon by creating a cultural rift between the two communities. Definitely, through music we can fill this gap and bring together both the People of Kumaon and Garhwal.

Q. You are one of the pioneers in the field of Music of Uttarakhand and a senior artist. What suggestions / advice would you like to give to the new generation of Uttarakhandi singers?

Ans. I do not know how many singers would follow my suggestions but I believe that many of the youth artists are making songs which do not reflect upon the true nature of our Folk Music and culture and traditions. I would request them to bringforth the true nature of our culture through their Music CDs and the portray real pictures of our traditions and daily life through their Video CDs. These steps are necessary to propagate in a decent and true manner, our culture and traditions to the people living outside the State of Uttarakhand.

Q. There are rumors that the latest release your of Musical VCD "Nauchami Narayan" has upset the Chief Minister Shri N D Tiwari. Would you like to comment on that?

Ans. Whenever the truth is revealed it is apparent that those affected by it would show their anguish. What I have communicated through song are the feelings of the people of Uttarakhand which they were otherwise unable to express openly. By doing so, I don't feel like I have done anything wrong and it is only the truth which I have communicated through this song. Yes, Some ministers of the the Tiwari regime have raised objections on the song but on the other hand it is a fact that most of the appreciations I have got are from the Congress Camp itself. Even though I have raised voice against mal-administration under the Government of Shri Bhagat Singh Koshiyari, he has come forward to congratulate me on the release of this song.

Q. Can we expect more songs like "Nauchhami Naryan" from your pen and do you believe that this would effect the mindset of the Politicians of Uttarakhand.

Ans. Definitely. Now I am a free bird and the public would soon find my music CDs in the market including songs on such social / political issues. And if the politicians won't learn their lessons, they would find no place left for them to beg for votes from the public. I have no personal rivalry with any individual but one who does wrong would have to repent and only such persons would be hurt by my songs.

Q. Do you believe that our Cultural Programs and Music would soon capture International Markets too?

Ans. If we continue to get support of dedicated Uttarakhandis such as the Team members of the YU Group, we would soon take over the World Market.

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Narendra Singh Negi Narendra Singh Negi with Sachidanand Semwal

Narendra Singh Negi Narendra Singh Negi

Credits : younguttaranchal.com and Sachidanand Semwal