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Uttarakhand charity - Sponsor a child

Help the needy, orphan and bright students. Sponsor a child and sponsor their education. A Project in Rural Uttarakhand to promote Education in villages and spread awareness. Donate/contribute generously.

Uttarakhand Capital
uttaranchal capital

Capital of Uttarakhand - The struggle continues...

Uttarakhand Woman
Woman from uttaranchal

Special feature on and for Uttarakhand woman. Just explore, find out, learn and share various things, through online polls, discussions, articles, recipes, matrimonial, movements, special columns and lots more....

Uttara Travel Feature!
Uttaranchal travel malari

Season's exclusive! Wander high and breathe the nature. Exclusive and exciting Himalayan adventure in Diary. Bringing you
the Malari Diary by
Anurag Bist.
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Himalayan Travel Feature!
Uttarakhand Himalayas travel feature

Uttarakhand Travel! Description by Indo-Norwegian couple. Exciting Himalayan adventures in Diary. Bringing you
the Himalayan Diary by
L Nrugham.
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Uttarakhand Media and Publications

"Understanding interactivity is the key to healthy communication. We can transform ourselves and our world by changing the way we communicate with ourselves and others. Every thought, word and deed sends out ripples altering life for everyone. That's the nature of communication. That's the nature of life in an interactive universe. Why not accept it?"
~ Ken Freed

In today's global and highly interactive world, media enjoys great power and freedom to influence the hearts and minds of millions of people. But, with this freedom comes enormous responsibility towards individual audiences and society at large.

Mass communication is culture and medium specific as it changes forms, approaches, and appeals according to its target audience. But, there are some universal rules that are applicable to all types of media. These moral and ethical codes form the backbone of all news and entertainment. Media content must be objective and balanced. It must focus on presenting the truth in an accurate and timely fashion. Creating awareness, informing, and serving the public must be the ultimate goal of any media. Media professionals must remain unbiased and creative without jeopardizing quality content and truth.

The state of Uttarakhand has rightly earned the name Dev Bhoomi or the Abode of Gods. Surrounded by the cosmic Himalayas, this land is an amalgamation of nature, culture, and history. The valleys of Uttarakhand paint vivid and unique pictures that narrate a timeless tale of the mystical land and its people. Soaked in mythology and traditions, yet drastically evolving with changing times and worlds; it is a place we all call home. The simple people of Pahad live a tough life burdened by natural, social, and economic causes. But, their cheerful, hospitable, and resilient nature overcomes all pains and obstacles.

A very important resource in Uttarakhand is the media. Uttarakhand media, especially print, took its first steps when the new state was formed after a prolonged and persistent movement by its people. There are quiet a few publications that cover various genres and reach a diverse audience. These sincere individual and group endeavors and efforts need constant growing support of Uttarakhandi people and the state government. It is our shared responsibility as a community to promote such efforts.

November, 2008 will mark the 8th anniversary of the formation of Uttarakhand. With a turbulent past, the future poses many critical questions and requires immediate planning and solutions. There is valid doubt and skepticism, but hope and optimism overpowers it all.

We sincerely congratulate the Uttarakhand media for its splendid effort to influence and affect the lives of the people of Uttarakhand. We pray and hope that they will flourish and succeed in their goal of informing, entertaining, and bringing people together.

Gandhiji Uttarakhand

Few quotes from Mahatma Gandhi on Media and Journalism:

Freedom of the Press is a precious privilege that no country can forgo. ~~~

The sole aim of Journalism should be Service. ~~~

The true function of Journalism is to educate the public mind, not to stock it with wanted and unwanted impressions. ~~~

The Newspapers should be read for the study of facts. They should not be allowed to kill the habit of independent thinking. ~~~

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