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Jaspal Rana, The Gold Shooter of India

Jaspal Rana

The Gold Shooter of Uttaranchal, India (Uttarakhand) - Jaspal Rana!!!

Exclusive Interview by Sachidanand Semwal

India's shooting sensation, Jaspal Rana was born on 28 June 1976 at Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand but grew up in Delhi, studying at K.V. Air Force School and St. Stephen's and Sri Aurobindo colleges. A gifted marksman, Jaspal worked his way up the ladder to become a celebrity in pistol shooting. Groomed by his father, Narayan Singh Rana Though he won most of his medals in the Centre Fire Pistol event, he made a mark in Air Pistol, Standard Pistol, Free Pistol and Rapid Fire Pistol as well. In fact he shot into fame through Standard Pistol only when he won a Gold at the 46th World Shooting Championship (Junior Section) with a world record score at Milan in Italy in 1994. Here in 15th Asian games Doha Qatar Mr. Rana won three gold medals that increase gold medal for India in Asian games. ?These Asian Games were big for me and the country; my goal was to do well here. Rana said.

First of all we would like to know about your native place.

I was born in Uttarkashi (Garhwal, Uttarakhand). My father is in Dehra Dun with my brother's family Subhash Rana. My mom and my family are in Delhi. We use to go Uttarakhand within week or month. I mostly like to live in Uttarakhand only Delhi is transit place for me.

How you got inspiration to be a Shooter and who was your Guru?

I got inspiration from my dad who was a BSF officer. I used to practice from his gun from my early childhood. My initial Guru is my dad.

Which Pahadi Song and Singer you like most

I like Mr. Narendra Singh Negi. I always listen to his songs. All Garhwali songs are my favourite which are sung by Mr. Negi ji . Now I started to listen Mr. Preetam Bhartwan as he is doing well in Uttarakhand.

Which is your favorite Uttarakhandi Dish

I like Dal Chawal , My mom cooks very nice Chhemi(Rajma) ki dal I like that too much. I am a vegetarian.

Your sister Sushma Rana has equally made India proud by bringing a Gold Medal in Shooting. What has been your role in her success? Can we expect some more miracles from her side?

We both learnt shooting from my father?s gun. We were competitor at home. Now She got married, and she has a cute little baby so this time is not possible to bring her in sport. For future I can?t say anything this time

It is rumoured that you have filed your nominations for Uttarakhand State Assembly Elections. if Yes, then What are the reasons for you shifting your flourishing Career in Sports to Politics where you are relativer amateur.

Yes its true , I am going to file my nomination for this assembly Election. I will run election from Tehri Garhwal. I have interest in politics that?s why I am going to run election this time. I belongs from political family so I don?t think that I m amateur in this field.

which party you will run election? is it your personal interest in politics or your father is politician so you are liking it?

No, its my personal interest in politics so I like it. My father and I did join BJP in same time

Will you get success in this election? How will you explain yourself in front of Uttarakhandi people as an athlete of India or as a son of BJP leader Mr. Narayan Singh Rana.

I am sure I will get success in this election. I think by now no need to explain myself in front of Uttarakhandi people. As an athlete they know me very well. I will get good support from my father in this as he has a lot of experience in this field.

What is your vision for Uttarakhand ( Where u want to see Uttarakhand after 2010)?

Now Uttarakhand too is getting popular in the whole world and I am sure before 2010 many other Uttarakhandi would have performed feats like me and will win gold medal for India.

Any suggestions for develoment of Sports in Uttarakhand so that we can provide more talents our Country?

I have already opened a coaching centre in Dehradun to train the youngsters. I myself guide them at the coaching centre and provide all type of support so that they can perform at the international level and win medals for the country.

Any message to the Youths of Uttarakhand who like you want to excel in Sports?

I am always free for these youths who have interest in sport. Any time any help they want from me I will do my best for our Uttarakhand. I heard about Young Uttarakhand group as you are doing well for our state. I will appreciate your effort in motivating the young people from the state to take part in sports especially in shooting.

After election will you be in sport or you will completely switch off from sport to politics?

Sport will run parallel with politics. You will see me in sport also after election.

:: Interview by Shri Sachidanad Semwal

Jaspal Rana with his fans at Qatar.

Jaspal Rana with his fans at Qatar.

Courtesy: Sachidanand Semwal